Ruth Ciemnoczolowski and Robin Bolton
Take First and Third Place in 2014 Fashion In Half Scale Competition

Kudos to Ruth Ciemnoczolowski from Omaha, NE who won 1st place (runner up to Grand Prize) with her gown inspired by Charles James - known for his architectural approach to fashion design. The full length beaded wedding gown, features hand made beaded straps and pleating.

Also, congratulations to Robin Bolton of Portland, Oregon for her 3rd place win. Robin's Fashion Icon inspiration was the Hollywood costume designer from the 1940's, Irene - who's style was the pinnacle of grace, elegance and femininity.

Congratulations ladies on a job well done!

ASDP Member Ruth Ciemnoczolowski Wins 1st Place
in 2014 Passion for Fashion Competition

Congrats to Ruth Ciemnoczolowski (pictured below with model) from Omaha, NE who won 1st place in the 2014 Passion For Fashion competition featuring the theme - Alternative Wedding Gowns. Ruth's alternative wedding gown is based on the wedding theme Masquerade. To learn more about the design competition Ruth entered, visit American Sewing Expo's website.

Ruth Ciemnoczolowski



ASDP Member Recognized by Local Business Magazine

Cisa Barry



Congratulations to Cisa Barry, owner of Sew Fitting in New Albany, IN who was recently recognized by Business Source magazine as one of their top "20 Under 40 in Clark and Floyd Counties". Cisa has been a member of ASDP since 2011. She says this was great news to receive during an extremely hectic Spring prom season! The magazine electronic edition is available here.





IPCA Ticket to Paradise Contest
ASDP Members take 5th and 6th Place!


From Threads website:

At the International Textile Expo in Las Vegas, March 18-20, the Independent Pattern Company Alliance (IPCA) presented its annual sewing contest fashion show and awarded the top prizes to the contest winners. Each year, the IPCA's contest challenges sewers to select patterns from one of the IPCA member pattern companies and then unleash their imaginations to create garments inspired by the contest theme. The 2013 theme was "Ticket to Paradise", and contestants were encouraged to make garments that express their idea of "paradise". The winning garments were selected from a field of finalists during the Sewing & Stitchery Expo in Puyallup, Washington, earlier in March.

Robin Bolton was awarded 5th place for her dress made from Great Copy patterns.

Denise Severson earned 6th place, using Petite Plus patterns for her blouse.

See photos of the garments at Threads.
Congratulations, Robin and Denise!


"SEW IT ALL" TV Contest - Update


Congratulations to Rhonda Buss, who has won the "Sew It All" TV competition, and will appear as guest instructor on the "Sew It All" television show. The five semi-finalists competed on March 2-3 at Puyallup. After the finalists' videos were posted at show's website, the winner was chosen by popular vote. From Rhonda's blog:

"So..............the next phase, being chosen as the one and only finalist who will appear on the Sew It All program. This is where I desperately will need your help once again. On Thursday, March 7, 2013 the videos of the two finalists will be posted here,, and you will be able to vote for the finalist that you would like to see win the contest. I hope it will be me. Don't worry, I know we all have a million things on our plate, so I will be posting my plea for your vote again, once the voting has officially started.
This was such a wonderful opportunity. Thank you all for the kind words you sent when I posted that I had been chosen to go to Puyallup, Washington to compete. I took your words of encouragement with me and they did give me strength. I'm excited to see where the next bend in the road will take me."

Best of luck, Rhonda!

Passion For Fashion at ASE 2012

Congratulations to Rhonda Buss and Ruth Ciemnoczolowski who were chosen as contestants in the ASE Passion For Fashion competition, held during the Novi show in September. Their garments are exquisite, and being able to watch as their work progressed over the course of two days was a treat for the ASDP members attending the conference and Expo. The show that concluded the competition was fabulous, and we are immensely proud to have seen our organization so well represented. During the judges' deliberations, ASDP members and past PFP winners Angela Wolf and Joi Mahon presented their lines of garments  - what a treat!

Kudos To Members

Many of our members have qualified as finalists in the Midnight Magic Contest in Puyallup. Here are the ones who’ve spoken up on the discuss list.
  • Juliette Kimes-- LJ Designs pattern)
  • Robin Bolton-- LJ Designs
  • Beki Biesterfelt---- LJ Designs
  • Ann Vidovic--Marsha McClintock pattern.
  • Denise Severson-- 1 each for: Saf-T-Pockets, Great Copy Patterns, and Petite Plus Patterns. L. J. Designs,


ASDP Member Featured in News Article

Debby Spence, ASDP member and owner of Ace Dressmaker in Lancaster, PA, was interviewed recently for an article on the increased appeal of altering, repairing and maintaining clothing in a difficult economy. Read the article here. Debby is President of the Baltimore Chapter of ASDP.


ASDP Member Has Patent Pending Published

ASDP Member Judy Gross, President of the Appalachian Chapter and owner of LightHeart Gear and Heartfire Gowns in Fletcher, NC recently announced that her LightHeart Gear Solo ultralight backpacking tent has a published Patent Pending. This innovative design is in great demand, keeping Judy busy as she fills orders. She has traveled to China to arrange for manufacturing of some of the tents, while still creating the custom colors herself. Members who attended ASDP's annual conference in 2009 will remember this tent being on display in the Members' Showcase. Congratulations, Judy!


ASDP Members introduce new product, book at CHA

ASDP Members Abby Riba and Nick Coman were honored for their new deColourant products, which was named one of the top 20 new introductions at the Winter 2011 Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show. The INNOVATIONS display designed and assembled by Nick Coman also received second place for Best Display. 

For more information on this wonderful new product, visit the Kandi Corp web site.


2010 ASDP Threads Challenge Winners

The Threads magazine 2010 challenge for ASDP members, called "Suit Your Style", asked participants to use the same Vogue wardrobe pattern and take it to a whole new level. The winners were announced at the conclusion of the Members' Showcase Runway Show at the annual Conference, held October 16, 2010 in Secaucus, NJ. The evening began with a celebration of the 10 years Threads has been sponsoring this challenge for ASDP members, with editors Judith Neukam and Deanna May there to cut the cake.




The Finalists on the runway

Best Overall went to Janet Blood, for her denim jumpsuit and duster. She created the jumpsuit by combining the pants and top from the pattern, while making enormous changes to the jacket to arrive at the double-puffed-sleeved duster.

Pamela Leggatt models Janet Blood's Best Overall garment



Best Combination of design and fabric went to Monique Saviano, who also won Audience Choice for the second consecutive year. Her dress combined an abstract print and solid chiffon, adding a stunning hat to complete the ensemble.

Monique Saviano in her Best Combination of Design and Fabric, and Audience Choice

Most dramatic pattern change was awarded to Ruth Ciemnoczolowski, known fondly to many of us as "Ruth from Omaha". Her pink wool knit dress was created by combining the pattern pieces into one with just two darts and two seams. Ruth also created a purse from the jacket pattern, modifying and shrinking it, and then for good measure, created a bustier billfold in homage to her reputation as as bust-fitting aficionado.

Most Dramatic Pattern Change by Ruth Ciemnoczolowski, modeled by Carol O'Brien

Most innovative design went to a combination coat/sleeping bag, over a T-shirt, zip-front top and pants, all designed for the comfort of a homeless person. The blind judging meant that the judges had no idea that this garment was also created by Ruth Ciemnoczolowski. During the awards presentation, Ruth had the audience laughing as she demonstrated the many facets of this creation.

LeNore Kerber models Ruth C's Most Innovative Design

The winning garments were featured in the May 2011 issue (#154) of Threads Magazine. Can't wait to see what our members come up with in response to the 2011 Challenge!

Photo credit: Miriam Ramos


For older news items, see ASDP In the News Archive

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