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Many ASDP members belong to a local chapter, which offers them an opportunity to participate in regular meetings with people in their area involved in various sewing and design professions. Chapters are affiliates of ASDP, and benefit from the groundwork the governance board has done to obtain tax exempt status in the United States. There is no requirement that a new member belong to a chapter, but participation is encouraged if there is one within a reasonable distance. Most members who take part in chapter events find their membership and businesses are enriched through the opportunities to learn from and interact with other members in person, and chapters offer these opportunities more frequently.

Thirteen local Association chapters serve members across the United States and British Columbia. Chapters meet regularly for activities ranging from visits to hard-to-access museum backrooms to local seminars with experts such as Kenneth King, Helen Joseph Armstrong, Susan Khalje, Claire Shaeffer, the late Fred Bloebaum and others. Visit our Chapter Events page to see what our chapters are up to. Visitors are welcome at most chapter meetings (a nominal fee may be charged).

Belonging to a chapter is a rich and very rewarding experience. For more information on joining a chapter in your area, please contact the chapter representatives listed below. If there is no chapter in your area, our Vice President - Chapter Relations may be able to help you network with other sewing professionals in your area to start a chapter. Contact

Click here for helpful information on starting a chapter of ASDP.

Membership Area: Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee

Judy Gross, President -, 828-505-5618
Laura Johansen, Treasurer -, 704-483-6625

ARIZONA - View Roster
Membership Area: Arizona

Teresa Kipper, President -, 480-354-5087
Phyllis Bergo -, 480-812-9762

BALTIMORE - View Roster
Membership Area: Maryland, south central Pennsylvania

Blondell Howard, President - 443-562-4563
Cary Pumo, Membership Chair , 717421-2569

Membership Area: British Columbia/Southwestern Canada

Brenda Breitenmoser,  604-796-2765

CHICAGO - View Roster
Membership Area: Illinois, southeast Wisconsin, northeast Indiana, southwest Michigan

Denise Liss, President  - 630-254-9330
Ann Vidovic, VP Membership - 847-825-1651

COLORADO - View Roster
Membership Area: Colorado

Karen Bengtson, President -, 303-746-0978
Clara Dittli, Membership -, 303-755-8550

GREAT PLAINS - View Roster
Membership Area: Nebraska, western Iowa

Karen Ahrens, President -, 402-685-6103

HEARTLAND - View Roster
Membership Area: Indiana and surrounding area

Joyce Hittesdorf, President -, 317-258-9173
Dianne Frewer, Treasurer -, 317-752-7625
Facebook: Association of Sewing and Design Professionals Heartland Chapter

NEW ENGLAND - View Roster
Membership Area: Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Connecticut

Rebecca Nelson, President  508-229-2326

NEW JERSEY - View Roster
Membership Area: New Jersey, metro NY City, western Pennsylvania

Jil Konopacki, President -, 732-287-6758
Gail McLaughlin -, 732-528-2119

OREGON - View Roster
Membership Area: Oregon, southwest Washington

Elizabeth Miles, President -
Alice Knox, Membership -, 503-678-5435

Membership Area: San Francisco area

Dale Webdale, President -, 415-590-2969
Elaine Lai, Treasurer - 415-731-4224

WISCONSIN - View Roster
Membership Area: Wisconsin

Richanne Nicolai, President,815-648-2375
Linda McCoy, Membership, 920-946-7410

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